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Citizen in the Temple

Genre:  Science Fiction 
Director:  Jason Huls
Log Line: On a far away planet, a man must choose between his love and his rebellion.

Synopsis: Citizen in the Temple is a sci-fi film set on a desert wasteland planet where only a few cities remain and life hangs on by a thread. A man named Jennon Ril is among the scientists that work on ways to preserve life on the planet. Secretly, however, he is part of The Shepherd's Way, an underground revolutionary movement dedicated to ending the tyranny of The Consortium. The Consortium is the mastermind behind everything that happens in the city. It is an oppressive regime with eyes and ears everywhere. 

After being discovered at the rebels’ hideout, Jennon is chased by an enforcer android who is programmed to stop at nothing until he is captured. After an intense battle, Jennon is caught and taken to The Temple, the most feared place in the city. He is interrogated mercilessly by the Templars, agents of The Consortium who are half inquisitor and half mad scientist. When Jennon refuses to give up any information about his rebel friends, the Templars raise the stakes by threatening the woman he loves. Ultimately Jennon is forced to choose between his love and his rebellion.     

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