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The Drone

Genre: Sci-fi
Director: Jason Huls
Log Line: Androids are not supposed to dream.

Synopsis: Oliver is an android in the city of Nok Tiris. It is a harsh, futuristic society clinging to life on a desolate planet. The androids are called drones, and their function is to fill gaps in society and keep the city in working order. A drone's life is mapped out from the moment of creation, and Oliver was no different...until last night. During his last hibernation cycle, an anomaly occurred. Oliver had a dream.

Confused by what this could mean, Oliver journeys to Io Tower where he meets his makers: Drs. Malone and Samuel. Dr. Malone is fascinated and wants to help. Dr. Samuel is afraid. In a private meeting, she claims they should kill Oliver before they are punished for creating a drone that questions authority. 

During this discussion, Oliver seizes the opportunity to search the tower databases and discovers a door from his dream is actually within the tower! He makes a run for it. 

When the doctors realize Oliver is gone, Malone pursues, hoping to reach Oliver before he causes any more trouble. The two race through the tower, both trying to avoid a lethal Enforcer Drone that is dispatched to eliminate the problem. 

Oliver reaches a restricted level with the Enforcer tearing through the walls behind him! With each step, Oliver's hidden past begins to surface. As Dr. Malone and the Enforcer converge, Oliver finds the door. 

Will Oliver learn what his dream means? Will Dr. Malone find him before the Enforcer finds them both? What will Oliver do when he discovers a dark secret lies behind his very creation? Find out in THE DRONE.

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