10 - Diamonds Are Forever

Join our 10th episode-iversary celebration! Jason chooses the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever.” It’s the 7th entry in the Bond franchise and the first time Erin has ever seen 007 in action! We discuss what kind of cool gadgets we would like to have and Jason considers a new phrase to use on someone who gives you attitude. There’s Plenty in this episode…Plenty O’Toole!

We’re also excited to announce our Man Woman Movieline. Call 978-4-10Wing (978-410-9464) if you’d like to share your thoughts about the movies or the podcast. Leave a message for us and we'll respond in our next episode! Woo!

That's 978-410-9469. Give us a buzz!



4 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii

In this episode we discover why Hawaii's not paradise all the time with Andy Sidaris's 1987 exploitation action flick, Hard Ticket to Hawaii! Topics covered include trying to figure out what the movie is about, how Playmate Dona Speir is like James Bond, why secret agent orders are delivered in a sandwich, toilet snakes and much, much more!



If you want to rock out like agents of The Agency, here's the theme song.