The Con Men ep. 9 - Capricon 35

It's time for another episode of The Con Men! In this outing we infiltrate Capricon 35 in Wheeling, IL. Con Men historians may remember that we were there for our 3rd episode last year.

This year we did something different. We went a little more in depth so this episode is a bit longer than the others. We spoke to MARGARET WEIS, LESTER SMITH and MATT FORBECK about their careers, writing and designing games. Wanna know what Margaret Weis said about thinking like a kender? Click the image below or click right here!

You may have noticed that we now post behind the scenes clips from our episodes. Hey, we're fun people! Wanna know how fun? Clicketh the image below or clicketh right here!

As always, we hope you enjoy our work and we thank you for your support. You are why we do this.

- Jason & Chad