Windycon 42

Hello Ten Wing flock! Last weekend at Windycon 42 we held our most successful convention screening of Citizen in the Temple. The excellent con staff gave us a ballroom and an hour to show the movie and hold a Q&A. If you’re reading this and you were there, thanks again! It was very encouraging to hear the comments. We loved making this movie and we look forward to further building The World of Eolan. As I mentioned in the Q&A, The World of Eolan is now a setting chapter in Lester Smith’s D6xD6 roleplaying game. You can check out the core book on drivethrurpg here or the Eolan setting chapter here.

It still surprises me that we don’t see more filmmakers at cons. Our art requires visual artists, sculptors, costume designers, prop builders and writers. They're all at conventions and the enthusiasm and willingness to discuss ideas is always really high. So if you’re a filmmaker and you’re reading this, hit up a sci-fi con and enjoy. 

Overall, Windycon was super productive. Chad Burns and I worked on a script (details must remain a mystery for now) and had a great development meeting with a well-known author. Again, details must remain a mystery. I know, it’s all so vague! I’m sorry! I’ll just say we’re busy in the best way possible and now I have to get back to it. Thanks for reading. 


The Con Men ep. 9 - Capricon 35

It's time for another episode of The Con Men! In this outing we infiltrate Capricon 35 in Wheeling, IL. Con Men historians may remember that we were there for our 3rd episode last year.

This year we did something different. We went a little more in depth so this episode is a bit longer than the others. We spoke to MARGARET WEIS, LESTER SMITH and MATT FORBECK about their careers, writing and designing games. Wanna know what Margaret Weis said about thinking like a kender? Click the image below or click right here!

You may have noticed that we now post behind the scenes clips from our episodes. Hey, we're fun people! Wanna know how fun? Clicketh the image below or clicketh right here!

As always, we hope you enjoy our work and we thank you for your support. You are why we do this.

- Jason & Chad

The Con Men ep. 7 - Windycon 41

Greetings! We come to you now with the latest installment of The Con Men, shot at Windycon 41- Chicagoland's oldest sci-fi, literary convention. This event marks the 1 year anniversary of The Con Men! In this episode we interview Lauren Faits, the author behind Geek Girl Chicago. We also catch up with a Mensa representative and some Klingons from last year. And there's a cat. We've had a blast shooting this series. We've met a lot of new friends and we look forward to seeing what happens in season 2.

As an added bonus, here's the extended interview we conducted with Lauren Faits. Check it out. She's got a lot of great things to say. As always, thanks for reading. Thanks for watching! You're the reason we do this. - Jason

The Con Men ep. 5 - Acen [video]

It happened again. We woke up at a convention with a bag of camera gear and the uncontrollable urge to shoot a web show. This time we found ourselves at Anime Central. We got great interviews. We shot a whole lot of awesome, creative cosplay stuffffff. Like Fallout? Venture Brothers? The Warriors? You will LOVE what's inside. 

To watch the show click the image below or click right here!

We're starting a new segment on the show called "Ask The Con Men." You, yes YOU, can send us any question you want and we'll select a few to answer in the next show. Maybe it's convention related, maybe not. Keep in mind we are not medical professionals. Send your questions to, find us on twitter or hit us up on our Facebook page. Have you joined us on Facebook yet? Just click here and we'll love you forever. 

As always, we hope you enjoy the show and we thank you for your support. You are why we do this.

-Jason & Chad

The Con Men ep. 2 - Con Alt Delete

Howdy con goers! Last weekend I, Jason Huls and Chad Burns hit up Con Alt Delete in Lisle, IL for our second episode of The Con Men. We'd like to say thanks again to everyone we interviewed and to the con staff who let us film there. We had an absolute blast and we're already looking forward to next year! Enjoy!

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Ten Wing Media Hits Con Alt Delete!

We are excited by the response we've gotten from our debut episode of The Con Men. We reached 1,000 views in just under two weeks. We are very pleased that people seem to get the tone that we are going for. Now we're excited to announce we're shooting our second episode at the first year of Con Alt Delete in Lisle, IL this weekend! If you'll be there, come say hi to us and if you'd like to be interviewed about your fandom experiences, we can hook you up. Here's the official site for the con.

We'll probably be dressed in something like this. The new gear my wife, Erin, hooked us up with! 

Thanks for reading!


The Con Men ep. 1 - Windy Con 201

A recent endeavor that has kept us busy is a new web series called The Con Men. We attend conventions, we record interviews and present it to you for the low low price of free. The series explores fandom at conventions from the inside along with some personal reflections. Below is our first episode, recorded at Windy Con 40 in Lombard, IL. We've got plans to attend a couple more cons in the upcoming months and we're continuously refining our process. Take a look. We'd love to hear what you think. If you do watch, thanks for it.