The Con Men ep. 5 - Acen [video]

It happened again. We woke up at a convention with a bag of camera gear and the uncontrollable urge to shoot a web show. This time we found ourselves at Anime Central. We got great interviews. We shot a whole lot of awesome, creative cosplay stuffffff. Like Fallout? Venture Brothers? The Warriors? You will LOVE what's inside. 

To watch the show click the image below or click right here!

We're starting a new segment on the show called "Ask The Con Men." You, yes YOU, can send us any question you want and we'll select a few to answer in the next show. Maybe it's convention related, maybe not. Keep in mind we are not medical professionals. Send your questions to, find us on twitter or hit us up on our Facebook page. Have you joined us on Facebook yet? Just click here and we'll love you forever. 

As always, we hope you enjoy the show and we thank you for your support. You are why we do this.

-Jason & Chad