V is for Villains Music Video & Behind the Scenes Photos!

Hiya internet! Over the past few weeks we've been working with a band called V is for Villains on a music video for their track, Pink Elephants on Parade. If that sounds familiar it may be because the song is from Dumbo. That's right. They updated and metal-ized it.  We first met the Villains while shooting our Con Alt Delete episode of The Con Men. Then we interviewed them later in our Acen episode. This music video gave us the opportunity to do something really trippy. We hope you enjoy! This was shot entirely at Fear City Chicago haunted house. Big thanks to that whole crew for providing such an amazing location. For added fun, I've included a few behind the scenes photos courtesy of James Jones and our own Paul Lyzun. Prepare for mind warp...

Chris Connelly Just Recorded a Song for Citizen in the Temple!

Chris Connelly of RevCo, Ministry and a ton of other bands generously lent his talent to the film in the form of a song. The City In Your Eyes will play over the Citizen in the Temple end credits and we intend to release the full standalone track asap. 

We met Chris yesterday and got some behind the scenes footage of the man on the mic. We also got a brief interview where he discusses his new band, Cocksure, and his other ongoing projects. 

The music for The City In Your Eyes was written by insanely talented composer, Petter Wahlback (who also wrote the score for Beyond the Basement Door). I'd also like to give thanks to Justin Mayer, the sound engineer, for being a total pro and making the entire experience smooth like butter. 

I'm really excited about this track and and I can't thank Chris enough for doing this. I'll post the video, full song and interview as soon as it's all complete. Until then, pictures!

Thanks for reading!