V is for Villains Music Video & Behind the Scenes Photos!

Hiya internet! Over the past few weeks we've been working with a band called V is for Villains on a music video for their track, Pink Elephants on Parade. If that sounds familiar it may be because the song is from Dumbo. That's right. They updated and metal-ized it.  We first met the Villains while shooting our Con Alt Delete episode of The Con Men. Then we interviewed them later in our Acen episode. This music video gave us the opportunity to do something really trippy. We hope you enjoy! This was shot entirely at Fear City Chicago haunted house. Big thanks to that whole crew for providing such an amazing location. For added fun, I've included a few behind the scenes photos courtesy of James Jones and our own Paul Lyzun. Prepare for mind warp...

Ten Wing Media Hits Con Alt Delete!

We are excited by the response we've gotten from our debut episode of The Con Men. We reached 1,000 views in just under two weeks. We are very pleased that people seem to get the tone that we are going for. Now we're excited to announce we're shooting our second episode at the first year of Con Alt Delete in Lisle, IL this weekend! If you'll be there, come say hi to us and if you'd like to be interviewed about your fandom experiences, we can hook you up. Here's the official site for the con.

We'll probably be dressed in something like this. The new gear my wife, Erin, hooked us up with! 

Thanks for reading!